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Enhancement Requests

Page history last edited by Martin Freney 10 years, 7 months ago

If you have some ideas about how CAFAS could be improved in terms of new functionality please Add a Comment (use button below) and document your suggestion and include your name, institution and contact details. Thanks!


Enhancement Requests


High Priority

  1. Control over font sizes in the Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  2. Users and Permissions settings to operate at Assignment level (rather than at the global level which gives colleagues access to all your assessments rather than just the ones they are involved with).
  3. Comments database to be copied when an Assessment (Assignment) is copied from one Delivery to another.
  4. Integrated spelling checker.
  5. Feedback Forms to be output in PDF format (rather than current HTML format with Zip).
  6. Ability to reorder Comments e.g. by drag and drop (this functionality was intended, and appears to work, but doesn't).
  7. Penalty slider marks to be always displayed regardless of Visibility Settings.
  8. Overall Grade and Mark to be included in preview mode during the Publishing procedure (Publish section).


Low Priority

  1. Reorder default order of columns in the tables (e.g. Select Student, Mark Book) so that the Mark and Grade columns are directly adjacent the students' names. This will save scrolling to the right on smaller screens to check the mark/grade.
  2. Ability to attach file(s) to the feedback form (including audio files) within the CAFAS interface.
  3. Data & Graphs section to display graphs and tables for each assessment criterion.
  4. Summary viewing mode in Assess Student to enable a "grid" input method for entering marks in table format (as an alternative to using slider/rubric). 
  5. New controls for handling group assignments such that one or more assessment criteria can be linked to display the same comments and results (marks/grades) on individual feedback forms. Thus changes to one student's feedback form would be displayed on another student's feedback form (if they are in the same group).
  6. New field to manage extensions to deadlines for individual students.
  7. "Assessment Complete" tick box (Assess Student section) to generate warning pop-up message if feedback boxes/sliders/rubrics have not been used. Aim is to alert user to an oversight (skipped an assessment criteria by mistake).
  8. Graphic design scheme was developed as part of the project but could not be implemented in the GUI due to time constraints - scheme should be implemented.
  9. Improved "moderation" function for selecting a group of students and adding or subtracting the same number of marks with one straight forward command. Aim is to establish equality across all assessments given by a team of assessors: to compensate for "soft" or "hard" marking. Moderation results need to be communicated on the feedback form e.g. via a bonus/penalty slider or rubric (i.e. a mechanism that can add or subtract marks).
  10. Checklist functionality. As a third option to sliders and rubrics, the checklist is a list of likely outcomes with associated marks (positive or negative marks) that are added together to establish a mark/grade for a particular assessment criterion. Essentially they are sub categories of an assessment criterion, e.g. the assessment criterion of "Formatting" may have a checklist of yes/no (radio button to select) sub criteria such as: font size/type correct; margin width correct; page size correct; header/footer included...
  11. Live update of overall Grade/Mark during use of Sliders. Currently you must click the Save and Update Grade/Mark button.
  12. Zoom-in in web browser (Limitation of Flash technology?)
  13. Improved scrolling functionality via scroll wheel and mouse gestures for windows in the CAFAS GUI (needs to be tested in Windows and Mac platforms). 
  14. Graph that displays student's performance vs class average needs to hide the marks (only show grade) if marks are hidden via the Visibility Settings.
  15. Due to the AAF login system the requirement for users to identify their institution in the CAFAS interface is redundant (except in circumstances where academics work at more than one institution). Perhaps CAFAS could automatically detect the institution but still provide the ability to change the institution where academics want to mark work for Uni A while logged in at Uni B. 
  16. Results for students who do not submit work (i.e. receive 0%) should not be factored into the mean results displayed in the Performance Graph. Likewise in the Grade Graph for the class results 0 scores should not be listed as F2s as this tends to look quite alarming (and needs to be explained).


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