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Bug Reports

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CAFAS has a built-in system for detecting errors and reporting them to the programmer. Occassionaly you may be confronted with an error dialogue box in which you can type some details about what caused the error. This will help the programmer diagnose and correct the problem. However, if you come across any "bugs" (aspects of the software that don't work or cause errors) please list them here using the Add a Comment (use button below).


There is another page for Enhancement Requests that enables you to request new functionality. It is anticipated that the open source programming community will be able to implement new functionality if the support for CAFAS is sufficient (the more people using it = more likely chance of further funding for development).


Known Bugs

  1. Assessing the same student simultaneously will cause data loss e.g. a panel of assessors marking a presentation. The work around is for assessor A to record marks/comments and Save. Assessor B then must Refresh browser before recording marks/comments.
  2. Extended duration of inactivity (e.g greater than 10 min) while CAFAS is open (logged in) may lead to data not being saved. The workaround solution to this is to Refresh your web browser if you take a coffee break while using CAFAS. Another precaution is to notice whether the Save Mark pop-up box is displayed when the Save and Update Grade/Mark button is pushed (Assess Student section). If the pop-up is displayed this is a positive sign that CAFAS is working correctly. If not, you should Refresh your browser.
  3. Formatting of "Comment" text (database of formative feedback comments) does not display in the email sent to students. There is no known workaround solution to this so there is no point using the formatting tools.
  4. Occassionally CAFAS will display an error pop-up box (seemingly at random). If this happens Refresh your web browser to help avoid further error pop-up boxes or the possibility of lost data.
  5. Selecting other than Arial font type will cause the Slider Descriptors (Grades) to be displayed inaccurately, possibly leading to discrepancies between the mark and the information displayed by the Slider. Work around is to use the default Arial font.
  6. Some characters such as % and ' are not displayed correctly in the email to students resulting in confusion. Need to check that all characters are rendered properly.

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